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TheAbbeydale Way:

our core values of care

At Abbeydale, we believe well-established values make for a first class care home. Great values give a care home personality and inspire staff to go above and beyond to provide the highest quality of care for every resident. That’s why our values have been carefully crafted and deeply rooted into every single aspect of our outstanding Ilkley care home. We’re proud of the achievements they’ve helped us accomplish and believe they’ve been fundamental in attaining Abbeydale’s outstanding care home rating from CQC.

Our values are skilfully designed using an acronym of C.A.R.E: 

Each value clearly defines Abbeydale’s continuing commitment to provide an exemplary quality of care which truly makes a positive difference to your quality of life. You can read each value’s definition below. 


  • We always provide a person-centred approach.

  • We always demonstrate a genuine interest in all our residents, families and visitors.

  • We always go the extra mile to not only meet but exceed the expectation of everyone using our service.



  • We are always sensitive to the needs and emotions of all our residents, families and colleagues.

  • We always demonstrate kindness to all of our residents, families and colleagues.

  • We always demonstrate empathy and we’re able to put ourselves in the position of others.



  • We’re responsive to the changing needs and preferences of our residents to enable people to live life as full as possible.

  • We aim to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of our service.

  • We actively seek and value the views and ideas of those using our service and use this as a continuing commitment to improve.

  • We embrace change positively as a method to improve.



  • We acknowledge, accept and value difference.

  • We maintain privacy and dignity at all times.

  • We turn up for work on time, every time, and with a smile.

  • We honour our commitments and promises. We’re able to acknowledge a mistake and say sorry.



  • We encourage all our residents to make their own decisions, to take risks to live as full and meaningful life as possible, whilst protecting them from avoidable harm.

  • We encourage all our residents to be as independent as possible and to continue to live the life they choose whilst at Abbeydale.

  • We develop and motivate all our staff to reach their full potential.


Your care, your way: personalised care at its finest

Our values are centred on providing personalised care which is completely tailored to your specific needs. From the moment you join the Abbeydale family, we’ll work with you and your family to craft a bespoke care plan which preserves your independence. We’ll also review your care plan monthly, ensuring we continuously adapt to your changing needs. We specialise in making every segment of our care home tailored to our residents so you really can enjoy your care, your way.

Read what other residents and families say about our outstanding personalised care in Abbeydale care home reviews.

Abbeydale Residential Care Home
CQC overall rating
19 October 2018
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