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Read a selection of our outstanding care home testimonials and reviews.


It's simply the BEST, need we say more

The lovely smiles as you walk in the door

The care that's delivered, beyond all compare

A warm family feeling, the staff always share

Arrangements are made with minimum fuss

Trips out to tearooms on the Abbeydale bus

Twelve days of Christmas in Abbeydale style

Those hilarious lyrics made everyone smile

The food is delicious, wine flows with ease

No request refused, staff aiming to please

The beautiful gardens, lovely flowers in bloom

For a mini golf course they even made room

So tastefully furnished, with decor fantastic

Shows chairs in care don't have to be plastic

When Mum was so ill they all rallied around

Extra shifts were put on, solutions were found

While with you she stayed we never did fret

Your brilliant care we will never forget

A retirement home that tops all the charts

Thanks to you ALL, with all of OUR hearts

Sue and Jacki 


Hi Lynne,


Please pass this on to Catherine, Francesca, Bob and all the staff - should any of them have the time to read it.


I got back to Scotland about 8pm yesterday and am now self isolating. I’m still feeling fine although I reckon I’ve lost my sense of smell. Fingers crossed that’ll be all.


To say I was disappointed to have to leave Sue and Abbeydale yesterday afternoon is an understatement. I had really hoped I could help Sue through the current predicament to a satisfactory conclusion. Obviously me being tested positive meant we ran out of road.


I would like to express my appreciation to you all for what you are doing right now, not just for Sue but for all the residents. Obviously I could only see the help and care you were all giving her, but I can imagine the difficulties and stress involve trying to keep everyone safe, well fed, occupied and in good spirits. It’s a big ask.


There’s a school of thought that considers it is especially in times of stress that one’s character is fully revealed. There is something in that. I think you can all take great pride in the way you are responding to what is being thrown at you. Having seen it at first hand, I’m impressed. 


So, thank you, and if I can give further help by talking to Sue if she becomes a bit miffed, call me.


Best regards,




It is impossible to put into words my heartfelt thank you to you all for the care you gave my mum whilst she was in your wonderful care.  During the eight months that she lived with you she received superb care, love and compassion from you all.  Making the decision  to place a much loved family member into care is heartbreaking and very difficult but I knew as soon as we were shown around Abbeydale that this was the right move.  Abbeydale isn’t a care home…it’s a home that cares.


And although the communal areas, gardens and resident’s rooms are stunning, as is the dining experience it’s the people providing the care that make the place truly special. I witnessed how all of you treat each resident as individuals, making every opportunity to meet each persons needs.  Care homes often use the term person-centred without truly understanding its meaning. Fortunately ‘Team Abbeydale ’ know and practise true person centred care.  All of you contributed to mum’s wonderful care and I can’t thank you enough.  Knowing how much you care for all the residents left me feeling fully reassured that Abbeydale was best place mum could be. 


I know mum well and knew that she loved being with you and that she felt very safe and secure telling me often  that “ the girls are good”. Personally, I  felt like the Abbeydale family was my family too, and really enjoyed visiting mum and having a chat with the staff and residents.  Thank you so much for making me feel welcome. 


And finally , I need to mention the lovely residents who like me were saddened to hear that mum was leaving, due to her dementia needs. and were sorry to see her go telling me how much every one liked her  describing her “ As such a lovely lady”


I would just like to finish by saying that I wish you all the very best for the future.  You made such a difference in mums life and mine. Please never underestimate how much your care and compassion is appreciated.




“We would like to thank you so much for all the care and patience you have shown to Margaret over the past 3 years. I can't imagine any other home or staff would have tried as hard as you have to care and comfort her when she has been so troubled by her anxiety and depression.

Thankfully there have been some days when the Margaret we knew before she was ill has shone through. I know we have all been hoping and still hope for her to be less troubled and perhaps there is still a chance that may happen at her new home in Birmingham.

I will keep in touch and look forward to calling into Abbeydale to see you and the residents. Might even help myself to a cup of tea and biscuits as usual.”



“It was a very sad day when we lost our Mum, Kath, to pneumonia last week but it was a great comfort to us all to know that in the last three and a half years of her life she was looked after so very well. 

We would like to say a big thank you to all the staff that cared for Kath. It's an extremely difficult, challenging and at times a heart-rending job and you all do it so well. Not only do you care 'for' you care 'about' your residents.

We can't praise you enough for the care, kindness and compassion shown to our mum. Once again thank you from all of us for making Kath's last years so happy and comfortable. Abbeydale should be the benchmark for all other homes.”



“This is probably the most important letter I will write in relation to Ron's passing this week.

Ron was a very strong-minded, independent man with clear views about life, the standards he expected and the surroundings he would accept to live in. He was so loved by Julia and I that we always wanted to ensure his standards and wishes were not compromised.

So, when he became more frail, finding a suitable residential home created real dread for us. From the moment Julia came across yourselves it was clear we had an answer and since then we have never looked back. I believe you have provided a standard of care for Dad that will remain without parallel. Your values are simply superb, the quality of your business without fault and your own commitment is, without doubt, of the highest order.  All of your staff are superb, not just for the care they provide to all the ladies and gentlemen residing with you, but also to the relatives. They are all superb and we see them as good friends.

In the last few weeks you and we have found it so hard to live with and follow Ron's journey. But you have not only provided him with support but you have made it so much easier for both of us. I have never known Dad to be so happy and comfortable. He was a very happy man for all his time with you.

So please accept from me a most sincere thank you from deep in my heart. I miss Dad very much but know he is now with Bethan again and reflecting on his time in 5 star accommodation - what a classy way to live prior to signing off! I really do believe you are an exceptionally special couple who have made a major difference to the lives of many, and particularly Ron. You set a standard others should aspire to. 

I would be quite happy for you to share my letter with anyone planning to become an Abbeydale resident as I can hand on heart assure them they will be in the best company if they move in with you.

My very best wishes to you both and please extend my most sincere thanks to the whole Abbeydale team.”



"Thank you for caring for and loving my lovely Mum, Hilda, for the past 18 months. Her life was truly enriched whilst she was at Abbeydale and she was so happy with you. Living 350 miles away, as we do, it was such a relief that she was being cared for in such a wonderful environment.

David and I would like to thank all the other residents for their friendship and we send our best wishes to them all.

When Mum went into Abbeydale I found it difficult to get used to not phoning her every day. Now I shall have to get used to not writing to her each week! 

Our special thanks go to Carol for coming to the crematorium, it was a lovely send off for Mum, and it was lovely that Carol came to support the family.

Our best wishes go to you all at Abbeydale and may you continue to make the last years of the lives of your residents as happy as you made my Mum's."



"I am writing to tell you what a great comfort it has been to know that Mum's last 6 months were so comfortable and happy at Abbeydale. The care and affection that Pam and the girls gave to Mum was wonderful.

You and Bob have made Abbeydale an outstanding home and the personal care and attention that you gave to Mum was heart-warming. She spoke so fondly of you both.

I have written separately to Pam, Carol and Gemma but I wanted to say thank you personally for the support you gave me those last 10 days."



"For the brief time that I spent at Abbeydale while visiting my mother, Bobby, as you all knew her, in the last days of her life. I had the opportunity to witness first hand the love, care, compassion and respect that each and every one of you showed towards Mum and my family. It seemed to me that she had become part of another family and that nothing was too much trouble for any of you.

It takes a special kind of person to do the work that you all do and the wonderful part about you all is, on top of your many varied duties and lousy days, you took time out to spend precious moments with my mother and become acquainted with her. This made Mum feel like Abbeydale was truly her home away from home and most certainly this gave me so much peace of mind - living so very far away from her as I do.

You always seemed so bright and cheery when you came into Bobby's room, regardless of what troubles of your own you may have had. Mum was a very private person and disliked a lot of fuss.  Abbeydale seems to have been able to strike the right balance with her and I have much appreciated this fact.

From the young man who cleaned Mum's room every day, the kitchen staff who tempted Mum with ice cream and jelly, the sweet girl who brought Mum's laundry back neatly folded and carefully put away, to the other wonderful ladies who bathed, soothed, brought countless cups of tea and held Mum's hand right to her last breath, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

Abbeydale proved to be that special place where Mum could spend her final days in dignity, comfort, security and peace.

May God bless you all. I will never forget your kindness."



"Just a few lines to let you know how much I enjoyed my stay with you.

I must congratulate you on the excellent running of the home. Your staff are efficient in the extreme, make one most welcome and are attentive to one's every need.

Congratulations to your chef, who produced most appetising and varying meals each day.

Please convey my thanks to all your staff for the kindness and help they so willingly gave me during my stay.

If my wife and I require a residential home in the near future we would without hesitation wish to be at Abbeydale. 

Once again my thanks and good wishes to you all."



“Dear Catherine, Bob, Kelly, Francesca and Abbeydale staff,

Thank you so much for your card, kind words and the beautiful orchid. 

I will always remember my first day at Abbeydale to visit residents. Catherine, you met me with a smile and the offer of a cup of tea. You guys always made me feel really welcome. 

I will miss you all.”



“Dear Catherine, Kelly, Francesca and Bob, Thank you.

Martin and I cannot quite find sufficient superlatives to thank you for the outstanding care and love that you gave Margaret (mother) in her final months, it was a shame that she was not with you for longer as she thoroughly enjoyed her new life at Abbeydale. You gave her a new spring and so her ‘Tigger gene’ returned!

Personally, I have never felt relief and calm restored as completely as the day we managed to extract her from hospital back to her home with you. Even in those grim moments afterwards there was a strong smile on Margaret’s face as she realised she was back amongst the Abbeydale family who she obviously trusted and who loved her. She only ever gave such trust when it was completely deserved.

We recall the first time we visited, and actually every other time too, that Abbeydale is an amazing place where you have both a great control on standards and what happens yet with freedoms and laughter such that it is not ‘prison like’ or in the slightest way intimidating. Initially, our daughters thought it would be a hard place to visit; how wrong could they have been? They loved their visits and they will also be forever grateful for your great food, welcomes, fun, participation and mostly for your care of their Granny Margaret. 

With our best wishes to you and your totally amazing staff – all of them.

P.S Hazel said to book us places in the future please.”



“To Abbeydale,

Thank you for all the care and kindness you gave to my father, Robert, over the last 5 years.

In particular, I very much appreciate the nursing care you gave him over the last few months, which kept him out of hospital and enabled him to stay within his ‘home’ where everything was familiar to him.

During his time with you he made some good friends who he enjoyed sitting with in the sun eating ice cream.

All the Abbeydale staff are a credit to the home and I wish you the best in the future.”



“I came today on my gran’s 95thbirthday and was amazed as always at the level of care and compassion. She was given a cardigan for her birthday which has put the biggest smile on her face. These are the days where the smallest amount of effort makes the biggest difference in my gran’s days and I can’t thank you enough – you have made an old lady very happy!! “We can’t all do great things but can do small things with great love.”



“The atmosphere at Abbeydale is such a lovely one – so friendly, warm and caring. Bob and Catherine run it just like a hotel with so much attention to detail. They have all the time in the world for each resident and members of that resident’s family – nothing is too much trouble. I can’t believe how well my mother has settled here. The carers are all super and help to make it such a happy environment. I can’t praise Abbeydale enough.”


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